The Shambhala Organisation

Promoting and Supporting Proudly LGBT Business Leaders


There is a perception in the LGBT community of 'glass ceilings' and discrimination against the LGBT individuals in the corporate world. The Shambhala Organisation seeks to help high potential LGBT individuals break through these ‘glass ceilings’ and take their rightful place in business leadership positions. The Shambhala Organisation is a network of initiatives that seek to promote and support proudly LGBT business leaders. These initiatives include scholarships, private equity funding for entrepreneurial ventures and career performance enhancement. With such a specific target market, these initiatives would struggle if each acted alone, but together they can start to make a difference for LGBT business leadership.

The Shambhala Organisation is based on three clusters of initiatives:

  • Shambhala Scholarships
  • Shambhala Private Equity
  • Shambhala Performance

This network of initiatives will grow as more people lend their time and talents to the common objective of promoting and supporting proudly LGBT business leaders. Together these initiatives hope to tilt the scale in favour of the LGBT community