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The Shambhala Organisation

Promoting and Supporting Proudly LGBT Business Leaders

Our Services

The Shambhala Organisation is a net work of initiatives that seek to promote and support proudly LGBT business leaders. These initiatives include scholarships, private equity funding for entrepreneurial  ventures and career performance enhancement.

Enabling further study towards a career in business leadership. To provide the foundation for business leadership we offer scholarships that assists LGBT students study further towards careers in business leadership.

Recipients must pay-it-forward through community service to the LGBT Community and preferably the LGBT business Community

Investing in high performance entrepreneurial businesses. To enable entrepreneurial business growth, we offer private equity investments into LGBT owned and managed high potential businesses including funding to grow acquire an existing business.

 The investment is combined with mentorship and support to help the business achieve its objectives.

Coaching and mentorship to improve career performances. To improve human performance, we identify the cause of under-performance in any organisation and / or individual, and assist them reach their potential by addressing those factors. 

 Includes coaching, mentorship, learning, placement, development, business systems and processes.